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Atmospheric pressure

Atmospheric pressure
ALMOST 400 YEARS miscalculated The atmosphere is a mixture COMPLEX GAS AND KNOW YOUR MEMBERSHIP, its quantity and its atmospheric pressure (PrAt) are things easy to understand but almost impossible to ascertain with precision. CONSEQUENTLY strange about SO, AN EXPERIMENT DONE IN 1640 BY THE JESUIT Inquisitor Torricelli, Galileo GUARDIAN OF THE LAST THREE MONTHS OF YOUR LIFE, TAX by curiosity CATÓLICA Vatican (which burned to the scientists to shut their mouths and children autistic because the result of "sin and the devil") to steal your ideas, projects and even his thought, as we all know DONE WITH a glass tube filled with mercury, Dieren VALUE OF PrAt, weighing ESE MERCURIO. And worse, that nobody in these almost 400 years, have noticed, INCLUDING THAT PHYSICAL SCIENCE AND OFFICIAL pretentious fantasies of the "FUEGUECILLOS ARTIFICIAL" futility of the LHC and photographs Retouch artists from 40 YEARS AGO THE HUBBLE. There can be no experiment, NOS DIRECTLY FROM THE VALUE OF THAT PrAt AIR AND THEREFORE, THE EXPERIMENT Torricelli, simplicity IS ERRONEOUS TO EXPERIMENT WITH THIS value is false and wrong, and keep GOOD officially, ES A FRAUD AND A SCAM. AND IF YOU DO IS JUST TO KEEP THE BOOKS AND HISTORY OF PHYSICS, SCIENTIFIC NAMES OF THOSE STRAW OF DAILY COMMUNION OF CHURCHES PROTESTANT Caucasian Jews and Judeo-Christian and Catholic Vatican as Torricelli, Newton, Darwin, Maxwell, Einstein AND SO MANY OTHERS, IS ALSO A CRIME AND END TO THE PUBLIC, DECENT POWER OF THESE GROUPS religious, anti-thinking, capable of anything (as history tells us), so that nothing nor anyone else, we will take That power and that money, WON CHILDREN LIES WITH FAITHFUL TO ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO Greed and ignorance are followed THERE ETERNAL LIFE THAT DOES NOT EXIST, and it's IMPOSSIBLE, INCLUDING unfortunately, our leaders, WHICH CORRUPT LES ceding ground, give our ALL PUBLIC MONEY AND LES DAN THE ADVANTAGE OF DEMOCRACY AND MARGIN OF LAW, ON BEHALF OF AN ALLEGED JEWISH GOD THAT THERE ARE, AND ALSO IS ALSO IMPOSSIBLE.

A few months ago I put an article in this blog reporting the error Torricelli when calculating the value of his famous experiment with PrAt. No one in physical science that seems made any official comment, perhaps because they do not read (to be believed over others) or perhaps because they think we are mad. Only a small group of Jesuits' scientific vaticano "strove to make me see, what was wrong with remarks, insults, abuse and investigations of my personal life, and even by specific blogs for that purpose and with pseudo-classical style demonstrations Torricelli, as if it were perfect and untouchable. In this experiment of Torricelli, that, using a glass tube of one square centimeter of internal section with one end closed and about 96 cm in length. Is filled with mercury and inverted goes vertical, also in a bowl full of mercury. It is noted that the height of the mercury column in the pipe reaches 76 cm and oh miracle! When we go down the tube into the bowl, the edge of the void volume decreases and vice versa, but the column is always the same. That's it! The PrAt is the ratio of the weight of mercury divided by the section of pipe, which is 1033 gr/cm2. But what about the emptiness of the closed end of the tube? There is, as the column moves up or down depending on the tube and move without any resistance. But curious if the air density is 1.29 kg/m3 at sea level at low altitude 10,000 m and is exponentially quarter, about 0.29 kg/m3 and if we see the chart above, falling almost exponentially with height, from the beginning, and from 16 to 17 km, the weight drops sharply and almost non-existent. If the hypothetical no PrAt down those 10,000 m, as it does, it would be just 1.29 kg/cm2 and also measured by Torricelli and physics ruling is 1.03 kg/cm2 equivalent to 1013 mb. Anyone observing this graph, you will notice that the value of that PrAt does not fit, and it is virtually impossible to reach these values, with a height of 10 km a weight equivalent to a pressure of 0.29 kg/cm2, and when PrAt maximum could only 1.29 kg/cm2, which is almost equal to 1.03 kg/cm2 of pressure calculated by Torricelli and official physical science, including scientists from the Jesuits' Vatican 'advocates extreme at all costs no matter what, its congener Torricelli. And here arises a new question PrAt If the low is 0.29 kg/cm2 to 10 km in height, because airplanes fly and operate its reactors, but there should be almost oxygen for combustion from the reactor? Simply because we have been spoiled to think that the amount of substance of a certain element depends on its weight, which as we all know, is the force of gravitational attraction of that body and as the "LGU" Newton and the "Relativity" by Einstein and his mathematical model, 10 km in height, weight and gravity should hardly differ from the values at the surface, and then, why change? Because they say that there is less air and low density, which curiously is also dependent on the severity. But if that were true, the planes would not work (and less of the propeller), but these, as their engines operate, then it's working, it's only for a reason, because despite the fact that there is very low gravity, the amount of oxygen and nitrogen there is relatively large. And why there is low gravity? Well, for two causes or reasons:

1 .- Because the molecules of air gases, as we climbed in altitude, are becoming larger and cooler and PEs of gravity, can not interact with them (see the book THE ENERGY. Inexhaustible source of energy which explains this new Unified Theoretical Physics), and are therefore undetectable by gravity, which in turn, if they are on land, being smaller and hotter. 2 .- Because as I have written elsewhere, there is an error term in these laws and theories of physical science before the government because, confuse gravitational pull, with the gravitational energy, so that is the gravitational energy which is approximately the inverse function of the square of the distance, while the force, what is the cube of this distance, so there, at 10 km height, the weight of a body is necessarily less than say that these theories and erroneous ruling as in the ERA, but in reality has nothing to do with the amount of substance (oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and others) that do not diminish or in that proportion, or according to the mathematical models of their theories wrong. It must, under the new Unified Theoretical Physics Cónido Foundation of Madrid, that the amount of substance of a body or its density, can not always be measured by the severity, because one thing is the force of attraction or what we call weight of a body, and the amount thereof. Therefore, no one can or should be mixing the two things or concepts, as incorrectly simplistic official physical science in the hands of the Judeo-Christian churches, Jewish and not to advance knowledge. And knowing this, it is necessary to clarify the impossibility of accurately measuring PrAt, as it acts on all sites and among all the bodies. For example, if we put a paper covering a glass, it is not deformed by PrAt, as it exists under PrAt. And if for example, get water or mercury in a tube or cylinder with a closed end, to reverse it, we are creating a suction force due to vacuum (whose value we can not know) that there is always, always adds to the lifting force of the PrAt. If we do not know the precise composition of the gases with their weight or height (given the impossibility of measuring it properly), we can not know the weight of the air column of 1 cm2, with only a mathematical model appropriate and correct and not erroneous we could calculate it, but this will always be approximate. Therefore, there is no experiment that directly from us the value of the PrAt air, and consequently, the experiment of Torricelli is wrong and keep it as the official physical science is a fraud and a scam.

How should we then interpret the experiment of Torricelli? Look, in this experiment there are 4 forces and not 2 as I thought the friend Torricelli, the closed end of vacuum tube Fv, the atmospheric pressure F, the weight of the column without submerging p1 and weight of the black column p2, so that would fulfill that Fv + Fa - (p1 + p2) = 0 and as much as Fa p1 are constants, is satisfied that Fv - p2 = k This means that, if Fv p2 decreases should increase and vice versa, which is what happens in the experiment. That is because the use of mercury is a heavy element, both Fv and F, values are very close and any variation in the system, they also affect each other and the weights that they support. Both these values should be nearly equal to the experiment works as we know, the order of 516 grams each. But we can not calculate exactly, as this one equation with two unknowns. So one way to find one of these unknowns is calculated separately, and the easiest to calculate is F, with weight or the gravitational pull that no amount of substance, using a mathematical model of the gravitational field of distribution, unusable leaving the famous experiment used only for verification later. And so, if we apply a very sophisticated model, which can be calculated, the value of Fa is approximately 480 degrees so that the value of Fv when p2 = 0 is 553 grams and its absolute positive atmospheric pressure Pa = 480 gr / cm2 and its absolute refusal to vacuum pressure Pv = 553 gr/cm2.

This experiment of Torricelli of 1640, is the same as anyone can do with a glass of water and a small inverted bottle with water, if we properly interpret. If we take the cup and dump it in, submerging the neck, said bottle, we see that, in the bottle with water is a void volume in the closed end, but unlike the experiment with mercury, the bottle here when we move up or down, the volume of the vacuum does not change and is always the same amount of water in the bottle. But also here there are 4 forces the same as before: Fv, F, p1 and p2 and the balance equation is the same Fv + Fa - (p1 + p2) = 0. And that happens, the force of PrAt is so large in relation to others and p2 that its variation is not observable and therefore appears to be unchanged. But if you do the calculations with a bottle of water half a litter standard, we note that it is 2356 degrees F with a = 480 Pa PrAt gr/cm2, Fv are 2186 gr p1 + p2 is approximately 170 degrees, which leaves a positive absolute pressure (or vacuum to be lower relative to the PrAt) 77 gr/cm2. Here we should note that the vacuum pressure is always positive, but below the PrAt. Unable to express mathematically the case here, since sufficient data is nearly indigestible, but if calculated and interpolated data for possible atmospheric pressures, such as double and half of the question, likewise, to observe curiously: 1 - For a double PrAt, the vacuum pressure is smaller in mercury and highest in the water. But a small vacuum pressure can not be with a heavy element that may be the lesser PrAt. 2nd - For a half PrAt, the vacuum pressure is very large and very little mercury in the water. But this is impossible, because the vacuum pressure deformaría the plastic bottle, which is not happening.

Then, without accurate data, but extrapolated data as we have seen, using a suitable mathematical model, one can say that: a. - The Experiment Torricelli is wrong as we have been saying and complaining because it is not interpreted properly by not taking the pressure of the vacuum. b. - The value of the PrAt most optimal and reliable as the method is 480 gr/cm2. c. - They have nothing to do with the amount of air and gases in the atmosphere, especially around the 10,000 m, and, paradoxically simple and are not measured by the gravity, the equations for both of dynamics, and the LGU of Newton, are wrong and impossible. d. - This new knowledge is consistent and demonstrates the veracity of the New Physics of the Foundation Cónido Madrid for 12 years and tested successfully in different branches of physics of matter. Therefore, new energy sources RME almost inexhaustible matter, and the future of humanity, which are also predicting that new knowledge will also surely a reality in the near future. And it serves to know the real value of this PrAt? Well, as we see here will not appear at all (except to know that we have more knowledge), because it was thought that it was twice and everything has worked perfectly well, and still work. But it is important to know these values, among other things, to extrapolate the vacuum of the cosmos, the nature of the tests and experiments and biological events of all kinds here, and vice versa.

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