Monday, December 12, 2011

Double Slit Experiment. MORE FRAUD

Double Slit Experiment. MORE FRAUD

I recently wrote about one of the three pillars that support the theories of physical science official, then the theory of relativity of Einstein, as was the famous discovery of the redshift of light, ensuring and demonstrating that its interpretation by ruling that physical science is a sham and a fraud more.

Today I'm going to do with another of these three pillars, the famous double-slit experiment, which is the underlying theory of quantum mechanics and the Higgs boson, whose interpretation by the official physical science, is another farce and other fraud again tomorrow though will dare to say that (falsely of course), they found that happy boson, but know for sure that absolutely nothing will not be a fraud and more.

The physical theory of quantum mechanics, is to define what matter and microscopic particles, and generally defines that all particles behave like waves or corpuscles, although as in the case of light, no proven means exist for these waves. But this is only apparent and not fact, and therefore it is a mistake, a sham and a fraud, as we shall see.

Of course What can you expect from a official physical science that still does not know or does not dare to tell us, the winter solstice has already occurred between days 24 and November 25, as everyone can see and as recently I've written, no one has told me otherwise?

You see, the light we see, has a frequency of between 3▪10(14) and 3 ▪ 10(16) c / s, and therefore could say that, at minimum, the length of the PE (elementary particle) radiation is of λ = 3 ▪ 10(11) (mm) / 3 ▪ 10(14) (c / s) = 1 ▪ 10(-3) mm more or less equivalent to red light, then all the others are shorter still.

What does this mean?

It's simple, if as a physical science official says that light is wave, as explained in the double-slit experiment as shown in the accompanying figure, based on an experiment that works and that anyone can do and check, but without providing any data or dimensions or calculations or mathematical models.

Justifying, with only vague verbiage, sultry and generic, a phenomenon of nature, to suit their partial and unconnected theories of physics of matter, but without going into detail so as not to be face to face with grim reality, that made him such reasoning is impossible and a fraud

Where they say they get two light bulbs waveform and depending on how they are on screen, whether outdated or not, you see a sliver of light or darkness, see attached figure

And so say when there is only one slit, then impinges on the screen when the crest or peak of the wave, you see a sliver of light, and if change affects the bottom or valley will be no light or black, as can seen in the figure below

Look, if the wavelength is one-thousandth of a millimeter in the best case, the gap must originate with a difference between the two distances from a slot or two, with half a thousandth of a millimeter, or what half micron is the same, with 5,000 Angstrom

I recall that the diameter of the cane, less than the cone of the retina of the human eye is about 2 microns and the eye can barely see, and the diameter of a human hair is 80 microns

Then you imagine what would happen if that were true official physical science said in explaining the phenomenon of light that occurs in the double-slit experiment by using wavelengths so small?

Well, simply that he would be all gray, or white, or black, as in every inch of the screen originating hundreds of steps and gaps that impede see, especially, the black bars, either directly or based emulsions light print.

We can all see, as in the experiments of any kind are made with light through cracks or rubbing surfaces, visible bands originate, black and white or color, like red lasers, and if visible, it means that we would be talking about wavelengths of centimeters, ten thousand times larger than any kind of light at least, this thing that is impossible and debunks the explanation of that official physical science and corrupt ruling domesticated, liar and fraud, born of the victors of World War II, Anglo-Saxon and French (NASA, CERN, ESA and RSL) and left and the hands of Jewish and Judeo-Christian churches, Protestant and Catholic Anglo Vatican in Rome, Italy, to ensure that:

1 .- It evolves the knowledge of mankind and see the lies, lies and fraud of their childhood beliefs and religious idolaters, who deceive the people and the states of Europe and America, overwhelmed by the name and the alleged and fraudulent wrath of a Jewish God, invented and false, give in to pressure and corruption.

2 .- There are no other weapons of mass destruction in the nucleus, as the same nuclear fission (which used criminally against the defenseless population of Japan), spending 20,000 million eu in the LHCs, who tell lies, is to find the Higgs boson (which does not work, nor will absolutely useless), although the countries are in crisis and there is little energy in the developed world with which to live and get out of those suffering tremendous crisis, instead of spending that money on investigate energy sources RME (reuse of elementary matter), almost inexhaustible humanity's future.

And why are these dark and light bands in these experiments, then?

Simply because the light as we have said (1), radiation is more PEs, which originates in atoms of matter in the linear form and is capable of interacting with atoms and molecules of bodies passing through or simply slashing, shortening its length, reducing its speed and diverted its course straight, depending on the characteristics of atoms and radiation.

This can be checked with a simple experiment that anyone can do. Grab a pair of 2AA batteries normal júntenlas and put between them a red laser china shop of any kind that children use to play or to tap the speakers. Turn off the light in the room and turn on the laser. You will see that appears on the wall, a red line perpendicular to the axis of the piles of meters long, seemingly inexplicable, that physical science tame and corrupt official, it does not work for everyone, but only for a few

In general, where bars are lit, the group focused on the lines of radiation with a certain capacity of interaction of atoms attached, the further away are less affected by the ability to interact, and dark stripes between the bright, they have radiation lines



Based on the new Unified Theoretical Physics, based in turn on the physics of string theory Unified CFD, tested with great success for over 15 years now, and can be viewed graphically and mathematically in our book "Energy. Inexhaustible source of energy ", in collaboration with the College of Industrial Engineers of Madrid

This new Unified Theoretical Physics, and predicts that the universe is cyclical and it modularly are matter, life and man automatically, without the need of any god invented, but the Jew, which is just a fraud and it is also impossible. Do you realize because these religions and churches that run in the shadow governing physical science, do not want to evolve the knowledge of mankind?

But the evolution of human knowledge is inexorable hyperbolic mathematical models and thankfully, does not depend on potatoes corrupt, liars or fools, or churches greedy, liars and criminals, capable of burning alive of people and scientists simply by thinking different

FCO MORENO MECO - engineer, scientist and expert in Physics of Matter -